Hard Candy Velvet mousse

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Girls are crazy about lipsticks ! That is the easiest beauty product to apply and wear, even for women who don’t really like makeup and most of the time, we have tons of colors (because we can’t resist to all those gorgeous shades makeup brands are offering to us). Also, this is my first try with a lip product from Hard Candy: the Hard Candy Velvet mousse in shade Cherry blossom.



This is a matte lip color lipstick that comes in a very nice packaging : a metallic box with a beautiful color effect/water color floral design on the lid. When you open it, you can find the flat oval shaped tube (and you can clearly see the color of the product itself) and a mirror !


The applicator is a little bit surprising long and flat but it is easy to apply the product correctly without having to dip the wand back in the tube. Also, the vanilla scent is very pleasant and not overwhelming.


The formula is very pigmented. The color is gorgeous and perfectly covering in one coat. The texture is so soft and velvety and dries to a « kind-of-matte » in a few minutes. The result is not a 100% true matte but it is close to that. Also the formula doesn’t dry lips too much (just a little bit for me, but my lips are naturally very dry, so…).


A really love the shade I have named Cherry blossom; it is a beautiful dark pink that I can easily wear on an everyday basis. This color is luminous and perfect for me !

Available at Walmart – Retail price around $6

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