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Ladies, let’s talk about something really important today : brows ! Even when you don’t apply make up a lot, brows are like the element that structures your eyes and face so they must be on point ! Most of the times, there are always something wrong with our brows : the shape is not perfect, we’ve got some sparse zones and even, the worst : you have grey hairs in your brows… So grab Hard Candy Brows wow and nearly all of your problems will disappear !

All in one brow powder kit


Hard Candy offers different options to take care of your brows. The All in one brow powder kit is perfect for a complete range of products in one packaging. You’ve got 2 different shades of powders that you can mix to match your natural brow color, a wax to seal the brow and an highlighter to lift your look.


Different colors of the kit are available so you might find the right shade for your brow. Inside the kit you also have 2 small brushes to apply the product and a tiny mirror. The 2 colored powders are very easy to work on the brow. You can obtain a really nice finish, very natural and polished with those. The wax is also a good add-on to be sure that your brows will stay in place all day. The highlighter is always nice to have in hands also, it finishes the brow area perfectly.

I really love this product. I’ve got every thing I need (except tweezers) in this kit and my brows are absolutely beautiful when I use it.



Fiberized brow gel & brow highlighter


Another great way to take care of its brows is to use the Brow fiber gel + highlighter. This product has a brow mascara with a fiber effect in one side, perfect to colorize and give volume to the brow and a highlighter in the other side to give light and lift the brows.


I also love this product : it is the one I use when I don’t have a lot of time in front of me. You can really shape your brows in a minute with it and the result is great and natural.

Products available at Walmart – Retail price $6/$7

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