HANGSUN SC200 Face Sonic Brush Skin Care System

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hangsun-sc200-face-sonic-brush-skin-care-systemSince a few years now, the facial brushes are really a big phenomenon in the Beauty Planet. I tried several ones and continue to do so. If you are following this blog consistently, you’re surely remember my blog post on a previous Hangsun facial brush (the SC100), since, the brand launched a brand new one, the HANGSUN SC200 Face Sonic Brush Skin Care System : let’s see how this brush performs today !

Here is a complete video :

mfwytFirst of all, the packaging is really nice. The SC200 comes in 3 different colors, I chose mine in pink because it is very feminine and most of the other brushes are white (and white is too white sometimes, you know what I mean ?). The handle is straight, a little bit heavy (more than 200gr) but it is easy to keep it in hand. I also love the luminescent handle, that is so cool !

IMG_7688In the package, you have 3 different interchangeable brushes. One for sensitive skin which is very soft and with flexible long bristles; one for normal skin with harder and shorter bristles and one for body/deep cleaning larger with rigid bristles. My favorite is the sensitive brush, very smooth, it’s like a massage to my face ! Replace/switching the brushes is supposed to be easy : just turn the brush and pull…as far as I’m concern, it is way harder to change the brush than with the SC100, I don’t know why but this one keep the brush head stuck in most of the time. Each brushes has a brush guard however I’m disappointed because except for the body brush none of them is capable to stay on the brush they are supposed to protect…



IMG_7685The brush has 3 different modes low, medium and high. I regret that the beeper which is supposed to indicate when you have to change of zone is so discreet, I can barely heard it… So most of the time, I just adjust the time by myself… The sonic cleansing action is very efficient however it is really hard to bear the tingling/vibration sensation on the nose area (and it’s in the low mode!).

The charging station is absolutely great. You can also use it to stand your brush near from your sink when you are not using it. So every time you need it, you just have it on the counter ! Also every full charge is long lasting !

I really like this brush. Like the SC100, it is a qualitative product and a great alternative to the expensive Clarisonic !

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