Hada Labo Ultimate anti-aging facial mask

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I am always very cautious with facial masks since I’d got an allergic reaction to one of them years ago. I do not really like to let sit stuff on my face for a very long time because I’m not comfortable with it…that could be stupid, but it’s like that ! However, my skin is sometimes in need of a good mask and I missed the moment of pleasure of this pampering treat ! So, I recently reintegrated masks in my facial routine once a week.


Today, let me introduce you to the Hada Labo Ultimate anti-aging facial mask which is a sheet mask. I never tried sheet mask before and this one is a good choice ! Those are 100% cotton mask and each mask contain a full size bottle of serum (0.7 fl oz) !! Crazy right ?


So, like you can imagine, this mask is completely saturate of product and this gonna be pampered your skin like ever ! Once you have opened the foil packet, you just have to unfold and position the pre-cut mask on your face. Gentle press it to clean and dry skin and leave on for about 10-15 minutes.


I really enjoyed the freshness and efficacy of these masks. They really brought a deep hydration to my face and let my skin soft and rested. Did you ever tried them or another Hada Labo product ?

Available at Target, Ulta and Amazon – Retail price : $15/4 masks

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