Fig body butter – Korres

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Fig body butter - Korres

Winter is coming and our skin needs more attention ! If you have dry skin, you know how important a good moisturizer is. And if a product can be really effective and pleasant to use, it is more than beneficial ! Personally, there are some criteria that I really care about this type of skin care product : composition, scent and price !


Korres fig body butter is perfect for dry sky, the texture is rich and creamy, a real pleasure to apply and the scent is amazing (that is the first thing that struck me with this product). The packaging is simple and looks like a lot of other same body butter, but it is very practical and hygienic. I also like to see a clear formula facts in the back of the packaging. I think it is very good for the consumer to know quickly what are the substances in the formula.


This body butter is well and rapidly absorbed by skin that becomes more soft and smooth. I really like this product and find it very effective and so great ! This product is without mineral oil, silicone, phlalates. It is PH neutral and suitable for vegan.

Available online at Korres  – Retail price $29/ 7.95 fl oz

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