Fifty shades of Grey

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So, I finally saw the movie Fifty Shades of Grey … I didn’t expected a lot about this movie because this type of book is really particular and doing a movie about it seemed to me not anything else than porn movie… But like I read the books, I was a little curious about the movie.


I remember that I was very disappointed when I heard the names of the actors chosen to be Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) and Christian (Jamie Dornan) … I think this type of controversial movie needed charismatic actors, people who had a real connection between them and, obviously, Dakota and Jamie didn’t have this connection…there are absolutely no emotions in this movie.


The movie begins very quickly, you don’t have time to understand who are the characters and what they do that you already are in Grey’s office with Anastasia on the floor… After the first moments, the movie is very dull. And what’s about sex in the movie ? It is awful with some scenes nearly unbearable…

The only thing positive and good in this movie is the soundtrack with lot of nice songs ! So, I absolutely do not suggest you to watch this pathetic movie, don’t waste your time !

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