Easy contouring with Revlon Photoready Insta-Fix

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I never talked about contouring here, not because it is something non interesting for me but just because I didn’t try it since a few weeks before. I was always worried that the results didn’t seem natural and too sophisticated, but finally when you do it the right way with the good amount of product, it is very nice.


You can use any type of product to contour your face. Most of the time, people use powders/pressed powder because it’s the most common in their vanity but I wanted to make the experiment with a creamy formula with stick foundation.


The Revlon Photoready Insta-fix is a stick foundation that I love a lot ! Very easy to use and with a very pleasant texture, this foundation is just perfect for me. The pigmentation is good and the formula is creamy but not too creamy at the same time (if you have a dry skin, this foundation will not be a good fit for you because it will highlight your dryness).


You can use this stick like a primary and only foundation or more like a primer to apply another foundation on top of it (if you have serious redness/spots etc). Personally, I use it sometimes like my only foundation, sometimes just for contouring on top of another foundation.


I have 3 different shades that I have the habit to use to do a contouring (from lightest to darkest) : 120 Vanilla/ 150 Natural beige and 190 Caramel. I use the Vanilla to highlight my face, the Natural beige all around and the Caramel to create shadows. Once you have a little bit of practice and master the art of blending, the result is very cute. I really like how it is simple to contour with these sticks, you just have to draw the place to highlight and contour on your face, blend it smoothly and you’re done !

toofacedsupermodelsculptIf you are not a contouring specialist, use the Too Faced face chart above !

Moreover, this stick foundation has a SPF20 and a very light formula so your skin is protected and you don’t have the sensation of wearing make up.

Available in 9 shades at the drugstores – Retail price : $13.99

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