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As you already may know, I am not a fan at all of antiperspirant deodorants because they contain aluminium in it (I banish it for my deodorant). So I only use the safest products I could find and Crystal deodorants are certainly a part of it.

Ordinary deodorants merely cover up odor with unnecessary and unwanted chemicals and it could be very harmful sometimes. Made from natural mineral salts (potassium alum), Crystal’s hypoallergenic deodorants do one simple thing : they neutralize bacteria at their source to prevent body odor.

Crystal Body Deodorant Sticks


These deodorants (woman and man version) are the simplest of the Crystal range. It is a big crystal salt « stone » with a dome shape in a twisting tube. It is very easy to use : you just have to wet the edge and apply it where you need.



You don’t have to worry about letting it dry or ruining your clothes. Also, there is no scent, so if you are very sensible to scents, this is the perfect product for you ! You just have to understand that it is not an antiperspirant, just a deodorant that allows to neutralize odors in a natural way.

Retail price around $6.99

Crystal Rock Deodorant unscented stick


This one is also the same type of the classic stick : it is just shaped and packaged in a different way so it’s looks like more like a conventional deodorant.


The Rock deodorant is perfect for men who want to have a natural deodorant in a more modern packaging (look like better in a bathroom).

Retail price around $6.99

Crystal Essence Roll on in Vanilla Jasmine/Pomegranate


The Crystal essence roll on is a perfect mix between the original formula and a nice scent in a liquid version.


Those are for everyone looking for a scented version of a natural deodorant. The Vanilla Jasmine is very floral and nice. The scent is not overwhelming but sufficient for a touch of freshness.


The Pomegranate is also a nice one and my favorite (I just love everything with this scent), the efficacy is very good even for a non antiperspirant.

Retail price around $4.75

What do you think about this type of natural deodorant ? Are you willing to stop using conventional antiperspirant deodorants?

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