Ciracle Blackhead Off Sheet

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As an everyday pore fighter, I tried and actually try a lot of products to help reduce my pores. As I told you in my review about the Dr Brandt PoreDermabrasion, I have visible pores on my nose and sides of my nose that I really hate !

These past months I tried a lot of different products (so don’t be surprised if you saw some more pore control products in the next few weeks) and the Ciracle Blackhead Off Sheet was one of them.


The Ciracle Blackhead Off Sheet come in a round jar with a pair of mini tweezers (to pick out the sheet) and black q-tips. The tweezers are really a good idea to be sure of the hygienic aspect, but unfortunately they are complicated to use (too small and hard to pinch around the sheet). There are 30 sheets in the jar, so you have a lot for multiple applications !


The product is very easy and funny to use : You have to clean your face first, then, grab a sheet with the tweezers, stretch it over your nose and press it on to fit. Leave the sheet on for 15-20 minutes and use the provided q-tips to clean the surface of your nose. At the end, just rinse your skin with warm water.


I use it for myself and also tried it on my husband and it was very surprising to see the blackhead come off the skin after using the Ciracle product. It helps a lot to eradicate some blackheads, but unfortunately it didn’t clean everything in one use. But the skin really improves and the blackheads are fewer. So, it is not magical but it helps to purify the pores.


Product available at Memebox – Retail price $15 (now in sale $13)

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