Chocolate Bar Palette – Too Faced

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Chocolate Bar Palette – Too Faced

Chocolate Bar Palette Too Faced

I’m a huge fan of Too Faced and if I’ll have more money I’m pretty sure I’ll buy their entire collection of makeup… unfortunately this day isn’t come so I have to be reasonable. I am the happy owner of the Chocolate Bar since month and month and use it several times every week so it was time for me to offer my review to you.



This palette is really a must have. The sixteen colors are beautiful, very well pigmented and if you are a chocolate lover you will be surprise to smell chocolate as soon as you’ll open the box (and even after months of use).




If you’re a fan of nude makeup, you’ll be more than satisfied by the gorgeous colors in this palette. A lot of combinations are possible for everyday or special day makeup. Time after time I’m enchanted by all I can do with it, so you’ll understand why it is one of the rare palette I brought with me when I leaved France to live in America.


I like the chocolate bar packaging that is a very resistant metallic box. Inside, you have a mirror and on the eye shadows, there is a protective plastic with the name of every shade.



Forteen of the colors are in small pans and two are in big ones. The left part of the palette represents the brown and taupe shades and the right side is more in the pink and purples.


There are such a lot of great colors that it is difficult to select just some of them every time! Here is a picture from one of the numerous makeup I made with this gorgeous palette :


Sold in Sephora – Retail price $49

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