Carmindy The 5 minute face

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I love to read when I have some free time, not simply novels but also every kind of books. And when I can find make up books on my local library, it is always a good way for me to discover new tips !

Today, we will talk about Carmindy ! For my french readers, you maybe not know Carmindy, she is a famous US make up artist and works on the show « What not to wear » on TLC. She wrote books about make up and I was happy to have a look on this one !


The 5 minute face is the motto of Carmindy but in this book you will not just learn this basic but also some precious tips about every kind of skin and make up adapted to your age.






The Carmindy’s 5 minute face is really simple to follow. I think it is a good way to encourage women to apply a little make up every day even if these women aren’t make up addicts. The steps are simple and every women can do that easily without having a lot of products and time !


I also loved the tutorials, specially the « Take your look from day to night » that is really a good option for busy women. When you have from office to a romantic diner with your beau, it could save you !


And finally, I really loved the picture below that illustrates the smoky eyes. Smoky are really a classical, but always stunning !


Available at Barnes&Noble – paperback – Retail around $15

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