Braun Silk-epil 9

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I use electric epilators since long time ago, I think I begin when I was a teenager and I love this type of hair removal not because it is dolor-free (it is not the case, unfortunately) but because hairs are extracted and not cut of : the result is very good and the regrow is less visible and important.

Also, Braun epilator are my favorite since a few years. They are very effective and easy to use; also, you can use them wet (in the shower, so practical!) or dry (this epilator is a cordless version), there is a light to see every hair on your skin and the battery just need a 1 hour recharge to be full !


The Silk-epil 9 has a larger head than the previous Silk-epil. This change allows you to extracted more hairs at a time and that’s awesome ! What a gain of time ! The design is super cool and feminine with 2 different speed. You can epilate more quickly than ever ! Silk Epil 9 is very efficient.

I have a lot of hairs on my legs and I use it frequently because I love to have perfect legs every time (I am sort of really obsessed with epilation when sunny days are here) ! But if you don’t have a lot of hairs, I think you just have to use it once every 2-3 weeks, that is just amazing !

Also, last, but not least, this epilator is not too noisy, I mean even less noisy than the Silk Epil 7 that I used before and that is a very good point also !

Retail price : $130, now at $87 at Amazon.

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