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You know how much I love to discover new series ! I probably already tried more than 100 and I’m always super excited when a new one that seems to be nice arrives !

I watched Bloodline, a new Netflix series with my husband in only 4 days ! So I think that just telling that is enough to say that it is a good series ! But, I will explain you why, for sure !


Rayburn family live in the Keys in Florida and are very important people in their community. There are the parents Robert and Sally who built a nice hotel decades ago (a real family business) and their adult children : Meg (the lawyer), John (the cop), Kevin (who works in the Marina) and Danny (the black sheep – the looser) who are coming back to the Keys in his family. And that is the return of Danny that will change everything for this family. They will be tormented by their old secrets and it will be very hard to manage …


In this tv show, the characters are all very important. Danny is the person that everyone hates since the beginning, then begin to have pity for to finally just want to see him disappear… Danny is not very loved by his family and by people in general, but he wants to show to his family that he changed and that he can be a solid member of the Rayburn family by helping his parents at the Resort. But, quickly, he will show his real face and return to all type of illegal traffic. The thing is that Danny has a sad past with his family and that it is the real trouble in this drama. All is about and around Danny, this strange and dark character that hides so much !


The actors are all excellent here with a special mention to Ben Mendelsohn (Danny) who plays such a complex, dark and evil character. Even if the episodes can seem to be slow for some people, that is just a detail for me because the story is very interesting and even if you can easily imagine the rest of the story, it is so twisted that you want to know more and more. Result : you are like hypnotized by the general ambiance and you watch the series again and again until the end !


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