Berrisom My lip tint pack

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As a Memebox ambassador I have the chance to receive great korean products that I will not have the idea to search for ! That is completely the case with the Berrisom My lip tint pack !

This product is a sort of hybrid : not really a lip gloss nor a lipstick, it is more a lip tattoo ! The packaging looks like a simple gloss, in a tube. But the use is very different. You have to apply it on your lips, let it dry for several minutes and then, peel it off !


I tried the shades Bubble pink and Chic purple and like it is not a product that we have the habit to know and use, I also filmed a « how to » tutorial video ! If you want to see this video CLICK HERE ( French version HERE).

I did not have any issue with this product. If you apply a big coat of product in you entire lips and let it dry correctly (15-20 minutes), you will not have any trouble to peel off the lip tint without any damage. Also, be sure that your lips are well exfoliated before the application (to avoid potential bleeding) and to apply a clear lip balm after the peel off process.

IMG_4862                          Result with Chic Purple

It is not really easy to stay calm for 15-20 minutes, but if you want the product to dry correctly, it is better to let your mouth slightly open (yeah, I know, glamour) and do nothing (even talk or smile if you want to avoid stain on your teeth). But this wait time is worth it ! After peeling it off, your lips are colored for at least 12 hours with NO transfer !

IMG_4867                               Peel off residues

You can eat, drink, kiss and do whatever you want to without letting any traces ! That is just perfect when you want to have colored lips the whole day without thinking about it (no need to reapply the product after lunch !).

I really enjoy this product even if I only use it the days when I have a lot of time to prepare !

Products available at MemeBox in 8 different shades – Retail price : $15 (now in sale for $8.36)

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