Bed Head Line Up Mini ceramic straightener

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I do not use hair straighteners as much as a few years ago. Not because I decided to don’t use them anymore but just because I do not have time to straighten my entire head most of the time and also because I try to avoid too much heat on my hair. Also, when I want to have just a few strands of straight hair (like the strand contouring my head), I love using my Bed Head Line Up Mini ceramic straightener.


This straightener is not only perfect for touch up but also for all short hair ladies ! I had short hair several times in the past and this kind of mini straightener is a must have ! Also, who don’t love perfect bangs? The Bed Head Line Up Mini ceramic straightener is also perfect to have perfect bangs all the time !



It is very easy to use. It heat up to 400° F very quick and have a ceramic technology : all the great things that you can find in a full size straightener but in half the size ! It is also the perfect pal when you’re travelling : easy to put in a bag for your next destination, without paying an extra fee at the airport !


I really love everything in this little baby : the color first is so refreshing a beautiful lime green; you don’t have any complicated button to adjust but only an on/off button, it is very powerful and straighten hair as easily than a full size straightener; its small size is perfect to store everywhere.


Do you have one of those useful tool at home ? When/How do you use it?


Available at Ulta – Retail price $19.99

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