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I few months ago, I was watching Shark Tank on ABC. I like to watch this show from time to time to discover some good entrepreneurs and this is how I discovered Balm chicky balm balm ! This brand, with sexy name (or even « porn » would say some) was created by Liz and Abby two friends who had the idea to imagine a lip balm that you could share with your friends without any hygienic issue.


So, they add a « friend end » to their lip balm : one side, you have a traditional lip balm and on the other end you have a cap to open and to offer to a friend. Your friend can easily put her finger in the separate stash to have some balm : germ free for you !


I love the formula ! Made with all natural ingredients, the Juicy melons lip balm is made of beeswax, rosemary, vitamin E combine with the sweet scent of ripe melon, organic palm oil for deep penetrating moisture, organic hemp seed oil as mother nature’s UV blocker, and organic extra-virgin olive oil quenching even the driest of lips. Also, the very surprising fact is that these lip balms are super big, one Chicky balm contains over 3x as much as a regular balm !


The best ? There are 5 different flavors for each desire and it works so well in my lips ! I use it every night before going to bed and in the morning my lips are so soft and perfectly hydrated ! And with its big size I can even apply the balm all over my lips with my lips close ! The Juicy melons flavor is very nice and not too strong on the lips, so it is the perfect balance ! I also have the Sweet baby ginger to test and I can tell you that this one has also a great scent !

Available at Target, Amazon and to their e-shop – Retail price : $7 for one balm/ $18 for 3 balms and $25 for all 5 !

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