Aubrey GPB Shampoo and conditionner

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As you maybe already know, I try to avoid SLS in hair care. Natural beauty brands are perfect to find this kind of hair care products even if they are more and more brands that use the « no SLS » argument.

I tried Aubrey GPB shampoo and conditioner these last months and it is the right time to give you my feedback !

GPB Shampoo


The GPB shampoo is formulated for normal hair type, so most of the people can use it without any issue. I was very surprised by the texture that is very liquid and dark (it looks like a sort of fruit sauce). The scent is very pleasant and not too strong but there is not a lot of foam.

By the way this shampoo is very effective and respect my hair so well ! Washing them with this product is not agressive at all and they love that !

GPB conditioner


In the contrary, the conditioner has a thick formula more like a cream so it is sometimes hard to press the bottle to obtain the product. I use it on the ends and lengths right after rinsing the shampoo and let set for a couple of minutes. It soften the hair in an instant and let them so shinny and beautiful !

These two products are really great ! I love their natural formula. It respect my hair and let it shiny and healthy !

Products available at Aubrey website – Retail price around $11 each.

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