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I love body sprays as they are a good manner to finish to wake up your body and mind after a good shower. You just have to spray a little amount of a lovely scent, and the effect will be immediate ! I am a fan of Victoria’s Secret body mists (I also have to write you a review about another one of them) but I’m not obsessive and like to try some other brands also !


I tried two different one from Aubrey’s, a nice organics brand that I didn’t know before and I have to say that these body spritzers are really nice, vegan and not too expensive !

Tang tang tea


Tang tang tea is like a light breeze of freshness around a tea plantation. A very nice and fresh scent that will be perfect for this summer !


The scent is not too overwhelming so it is really a good point because you could choose to wear your perfume also without having trouble with the mixing scents.

Tangelo Twist 


Tangelo twist is more fruity, a citrus bouquet with mandarin scent. This one is more persistent so you have to be careful if you want to add another perfume over it.


These two organics spritzers are quite different from the other body mists I have the habit to use. Their scent are more original and less chemical that is a nice thing ! But if you don’t like organics product’s scents, that could be a bad choice for you; you risk to find them too strong specially the Tangelo twist one.

Available to the brand’s website. Retail price $6.95/5 oz

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