Artis Elite Oval 6 brush

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It is not the first time that I claim my unconditional love for the Artis brushes on this blog. You already have the occasion (I hope) to read my previous posts about some of them HERE, HERE and HERE. They are so perfect that I use them every single day, and particularly the one we’ll be talking about today : the Artis Elite Oval 6 brush !


This brush is one of my favorite (with the Oval 10) because it is the one I use for a very makeup « in need area » : my under eyes. I have dark circles and everyday it is a challenge to hide them. When you are working in a public place everyday, you have to show your better self, right ?


The size and shape of the Oval 6 is perfect to apply my concealer. Like the other Artis brushes, the bristle are very soft and dense so you can apply your product evenly with a perfect result.

I just use a few drops of my liquid concealer and blend with the brush. It is very easy to control where and how you apply it and the result is flawless ! I really love all the Artis brushes and I could not imagine my beauty routine without them !


And you, did you ever tried the Artish make up brushes ?

Available online – Retail price for the Elite Oval 6 : $55

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