Artis Elite Oval 10 brush

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Two months ago I reviewed 3 of the Artis brushes Elite collection and told you that I would be curious to test a brush for face…what I did ! Let’s discover today the Elite Oval 10 brush !


This brush is very surprising by its size. It is a very big brush but it is a good thing because it is so effective ! The oval 10 is perfect to apply powder foundation on face but also to apply bronzer powder on shoulders. I do not use powder foundation every day, but when I did, I always use this brush and it’s a real pleasure, an easy way for me to apply it smoothly and perfectly !


This brush has over 250,000 bristles and is so soft ! Using it on your face is like caressing it ! Also, the gesture is quick all over the face and the result is very natural and not cakey at all ! Really love it !


This brush like the other ones I have is a revelation to me ! I can apply, distribute and blend my make up effortlessly ! And cherry on top all Artis brushes are animal-free (no animal hairs or by-products are ever used) and suitable for sensitive skin !


Artis Elite Oval 10 brush is available at and – Retail price $72

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