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I always preferred aluminium free deodorants. We heard so much bad things about aluminium on this type of product (real or not) that I avoid it naturally since years. So, when I arrived in the US it feels normal for me to search a good aluminium free deodorant…and I could say that it was not simple, because there are not a lot of choices !

I didn’t find a lot of free aluminium deodorants : 98% of the deodorants sell in the US are antiperspirant, so with aluminium in it … that is a shame for people that, like me, are more for natural formula (for this part of my body at least) !


I didn’t know the brand Tom’s of Maine before but I immediately found it attractive, not for the packaging that stays simple but because of its way to conceive products good for health and natural in the same time. Even if I tried the aluminium free formula, Tom’s of Maine also has another type of deodorant with aluminium for those who want an antiperspirant formula.


So I tried the Long lasting deodorant in « refreshing lemongrass » just to have a little bit of scent and I have to say that I’m not disappointed at all ! The scent is discrete and refreshing, just what I need !


The texture is a creamy stick really easy to use, the only problem with it, is that it could leave some film on the underarms (that looks like dead skin when it’s dry) but nothing too difficult to deal with. It is really effective, no excessive sweat for me, so it’s perfect, but maybe it will be insufficient if you are a sporty person. As far as I’m concern, it is my everyday deodorant and I love it !

Sold in Walmart – Retail around $5/ 2.25 oz

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