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I really enjoy organics products but sometimes, their scent are so much harassing than it could be a real problem and make me renounce. But, when I opened the Avalon Organics Age-less products I was clearly happy than the scent was just perfect, like a vitamin boost for your skin, really energizing and nice to smell.


I tried 3 products of this line and no one disappointed me ! These products are free of parabens, SLS, petrolatum, artificial fragrance and phtalates.

Age-less Illuminating serum


This serum is amazing. A simple packaging in a little glass bottle and a pump system that is just perfect to give you the right amount of product. I love the texture that is light and penetrates the skin easily without greasy effect.


After every application, I felt that my skin was more fresh and tonic, brighter than when I woke up, I didn’t even need make up some days ! I don’t know if this product improved the small lines on my face but I am pretty sure that my skin is better than before !

Retail price $19.99/ 1 fl oz

Age-less Revitalizing cream


Once again, this product is so interesting ! I used it after the serum for more hydration and my skin was never dry. The texture is creamy and smooth, I just don’t like the packaging that is too « old » for me : a green plastic jar that is not sexy at all…


Moreover, you have to use it with a spatula or be sure that your hands are clean to avoid any bacterial trouble. So, it’s not my favorite packaging as you can understand !


However, this product is really effective. Hydration is optimal and skin is so smooth ! And as the serum, the cream smells very well.

Retail price $15.99/ 2 fl oz

Age-less spf 15 daily moisturizer


Here, in South Carolina, the sun is here all year long so you have to be even more careful with your sun protection! It is better to wear a broad spectrum with a small spf to be sure that the sun will not damaged your skin, yes, even in winter !


Like the other products of this line, this daily moisturizer is easy to use and pleasant with a nice scent and a good texture.

Retail price $15.99/ 4 fl oz

Sold at Walmart, Target and Avalon website.

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