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Like I said on Twitter the other day, I’m more and more into natural/mineral beauty products than before. Also, when I have the opportunity to try some of the brands which are in this niche, I’m pretty happy, because most of the time it is a real success with me !


Advanced Mineral Makeup is a brand from Arizona (I literally dream to go there) which developed a makeup line with eyes, lips, face and brushes products. For my first introduction to the brand, I tried 2 of their products : their liquid foundation and their loose powder foundation.

Liquid mineral foundation (in Cream puff)


Liquid foundations are my favorite type of foundations. They are so easy to apply and blend beautifully without any troubles. The packaging of this liquid mineral foundation is nice, with a grey/silver design but the only concern is that you are not able to see how many product you have left in the bottle…I like having the possibility to see the level of the product, so you are able to buy another bottle before the end !



The foundation is very pleasant. The texture is liquid but not too much and the color is perfect when you have a fair skin (like it is the case for me at this time of year). You can even see some shiny veil in the product that bring luminosity to your skin.


This foundation is perfect for every kind of problematic skin as acne, rosacea, broken capillaries, hyperpigmented skin and don’t clog the pores. Also its ingredients are natural and 100% vegan. I love the result which is very natural and luminous. The only trouble is that the foundation has a little lack of coverage if you have big imperfections or uneven skin tone. However if you simply need a medium coverage and dream about a natural result, this foundation will be perfect !


Loose mineral powder foundation (in Taylor)


The loose powder foundation can be use as a foundation, powder, concealer or as a all in one. I personally use it as a concealer and powder after the application of the liquid foundation. The packaging is classic for this type of product and quite easy to use when you have the habit.


This powder is fine and gives a smooth and beautiful finish over the liquid foundation. They are the perfect pair ! When you use it as a concealer, it is also very effective and a pretty good camouflage !


As the liquid foundation, this powder don’t clog pores and have a natural sunscreen protection included. I really like both of these products and would love to discover more of their collection ! What do you think about mineral products ?

These products are available at Advanced Mineral Makeup website – Retail price : $44 for the liquid mineral foundation (1fl oz) and $35 for the loose mineral powder (0.215 oz)

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