Weleda Pomegranate skin care products

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Yeah, I know, this blog is more and more about pomegranate/grapefruit products ! But, I’m so in love with these scents that I can’t help myself ! And today, we will talk about the amazing Weleda Pomegranate skin care products !

Pomegranate creamy body wash 


This body wash is creamy and perfect for winter days ! I really love the scent but it doesn’t smell like pomegranate to me….more like cinnamon/apple/winter scent. However, I really like this fragrance that is not artificial or too strong.


The texture is very smooth and hydrating with natural oils and not mineral ones. This body wash gently clean the skin and let it soft and lightly perfumed.

Retail price : $12/6.8 fl oz

Pomegranate regenerating body oil


I really love body oils since a few years now and this one is incredibly lovely to use ! I have legs particularly dry so this product is perfect to help them out !


It nourishes the skin efficiently and the smell is really delicious ! I just think that the bottle is too little, only 3.4 oz is not a lot for a body product when you need to use it from head to toes !

Retail price : $26/3.4 fl oz

Pomegranate regenerating hand cream


I use hand cream every time of the year, but to be honest, I really enjoy them more in cold weather, so in winter, I use them more ! This one is such an amazing one. Not too creamy, maybe more like a lotion than a real cream, the absorption is super fast and the skin feels more comfortable and smooth.


The scent once again is addicting, so it is a real pleasure to use it at every time of the day. I also like the packaging with a « hard » tube.

Retail price : $12.5/1.7 fl oz

Pomegranate firming serum


Serums are a must have for me. I even use serums more than moisturizers actually, especially since I live in South Carolina. The weather here is different that it was in France and my skin doesn’t need the same level of hydration. This serum is really nice and give me just by itself, the moisture I need during the day.


It is very fresh and apply it in the morning give a nice glow on my skin that seems to be healthy and radiant. I don’t really notice effect on my fine lines, but I don’t really care about it…

Retail price : $45/1 fl oz

Pomegranate firming night cream


Before going to bed I like to apply some cream. Night is the best time for skin regeneration, so I help it a little ! This firming cream is also a success !


The texture is creamy and rich and effects are visible when you wake up ! The skin is soft and beautiful.

Retail price : $37/1fl oz

I really love these Pomegranate products ! If you have dry skin and/or mature skin, they are for you !

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