Hangsun Sonic skin cleansing system

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I use facial brushes for a while now, since the first one I bought in NYC in 2012. I remember that the first type of brushes we had on the occidental market were very simple and not very beautiful when you think about the design. A few years later, the market evolved and you can find similar brushes to the famous Clarisonic for less money but same quality !

Today, let’s talk about my experience with the Hangsun Sonic skin cleansing system that I used for 2 months now.



The facial brush arrived in a box. I love when everything is organized so I really loved that ! The design is very simple, the brush handle is pearly white and pretty big but the shape is a perfect fit for my hand and really pleasant to use.



Everything is included in the box : the brush handle, 2 different brushes (face+body) with their protective caps, an inductive charger with a USB port and a plug, a user guide and a black velvet pouch


Modes and speeds

There are 3 adjustable speeds (low/medium/high) and 3 cleansing modes (1min/2min/30min) and the machine is waterproof so you can use it under water in your shower for example.


Cleansing system

This ultrasonic cleansing system is a sonic micro vibration massage process created by sound waves that are transmitted at frenquencies over 300/s. This powerful effect is 7 times more efficient than a traditional hand wash.

How to use it ?

First, remove your eyes make up. I personaly also use micellar cleansing water all over my face prior to wash all the residues left with the brush. Humidify your brush and face, apply your regular cleanser to the brush and select the desire cleansing mode. I mostly use the first mode (1 min) to normal speed.

Move your brush to the different zones of your face every time the brush bips : forehead, then nose/chin, and each cheek.

Here is a video showing how to use your brush correctly :


Video disponible aussi en Francais

Energy indicator

The brush has a real-time energy indicator so you can always know the state of your battery from white (completely charged), yellow (medium), red (low), flashing red (almost empty) to light goes off (empty). It is very practical !



This machine uses the inductive charging. Just put the charger on the handle and plug to a USB port or a wall outlet. The indicator light blinks during the charge and become white and stops flashing when the machine is fully charged. A full charging is around 10 hours and can be used for around 125 minutes.


Clean the machine with warm water (no detergent) and change your brush head every 90-120 days.

What I think about it ?

I really enjoy using this brush every night. It allows me to completely clean my face of all make up residues and impurities. I use it as a second step of my make up removing routine after that I removed my make up with a micellar water first. Using this brush as a second step is perfect because every day, my brush is dirty (so micellar water is not enough) and my skin really clean !

I do not have any irritation or sensitivity issues with the Hangsun brush; it is suitable for sensitive skins and the brush heads are perfect. I also use it sometimes as a body brush in the shower, it is also nice even if I prefer it for my face. The efficiency is here without no doubt and also this brush is far less expensive than the leader the Clarisonic Mia ($45 for Hangsun/ $149 for Clarisonic).

The Hangsun Sonic skin cleansing system is available at Amazon – Retail price around $83 actually on sale at $45.

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